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Looking for work in the DFW Metroplex

Dallas/Ft.Worth Job Board
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This board was created to allow for people looking for jobs, and people who have jobs to offer to post and find opportunities in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.

Just wanted to let you know that the postings I make approx. once a week are from a job board that I happen to be privy to. The company I previously worked for laid me off, and they paid a consulting company to look at my resume, give me resume writing, interviewing, job searching, networking tips, etc. I took a bunch of classes.

The postings are from this consulting company's job board. They email these postings out every week. If I get around to it, I try to post them here within a day or two of receiving them in my inbox.

Anyway-- these posts are friends locked because they contain contact information (usually phone numbers, email addresses, contact names, etc) which is usually *extremely* hard to find (if not impossible) in the newspaper or online... They are also posted to us on the list *usually* before being released to the general public. The postings also usually contain salary info which can be especially helpful.

You won't see the posts unless you are a community member (so just join!), but I wanted to let you know where I get the postings from, in case anyone was wondering why a random lj person (well, I am a mod so I guess I'm not *that* random) posts a bunch of jobs in here about once a week. ;-)

I'm fortunate to no longer need a job, but you never know when you'll be back in the marketplace, and I figure that it's a good idea to be nice and make the postings here, too. I'm sorry they take up so much room/so many entries on your fl, but it's only one day a week if that, and I lj-cut everything.

Also, please keep the postings legit.

Thanks muchly, and happy searching!